(VIDEO) Property Development for Beginners UK | How Inflation has Affected Your Refurbishment House

Prices are going Up

Prices are going up when it comes to the products, and it’s never been more important to know your numbers when getting into a deal.

Kam will show you the Premier Property “quick rules of thumb” hack to get things done quickly and efficiently doing property development for beginners.

In this week's Q&A, Kam talks central heating systems, refurbishments, and the prices by answering the following questions:

- What should be the typical costs for installing a new boiler for a 2-bedroom property investment? 0:54

- What would be the typical cost of a central heating system for your property development? 2:35

-  What ideal types of boilers would you look for in your property investment? 2:56

-  How much would it cost to replace my old pipework in a property development? 4:21

-  When doing a full property refurbishment, how much does it cost to MOVE A BOILER from one room to another? 5:10


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