About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to help 1,000,000 people across the globe to create their own financial economies through investing in UK property, so they can live a life of financial freedom, time freedom, and location freedom, independent of the chaos that is happening out there.

We strongly believe in the power of informed action, and by using what we teach we can make a change in so many peoples lives.

Think about it…

At Premier Property when we help 1 person to achieve their financial goals, how many people does it impact?

Their loved one, their family, their friends, and the list keeps going…

Who We Are

We are active property investors and developers.

We have 10-17 projects on the go each month, from buy to lets, HMOs, Serviced Accommodation, Permitted Developments, New Builds, and Commercial Conversions, which means we have built up a significant multimillion-pound property portfolio, that is continuously (and rapidly) growing.

Led by Kam Dovedi, who is the UK’s most influential and most respected property investor and developer, we are able to adapt, navigate and thrive through the changes that happen in the market.

Kam Dovedi


It's Simple, But Not Simplistic.

Why Premier Property?

So why should you choose us Premier Property? Well it would be easy to make a list of why we believe we are the best property education training company. Instead, we’ve complied a listed of 3 key reasons from the 100,000s of people have learned with us so far and why they chose Premier Property.

We only share what we do
And trust us, we do a lot in property. It really is that simple. Everything that we teach at Premier Property works because we do this day in day out. We are property investors and developers first. That’s where we make our money. We live, breathe and eat property. And that’s because we love what property gives us. We only share what we are doing, and we promise to never share anything outside the scope of what we do.

We have a proven track record and structure
Property is a results orientated business. Our trainings, workshops, courses, bootcamps and mentorship programmes all have a structure. They take complex ideas, simplify them, and are transformed in to an understandable and manageable content. Then along side, you get support, guidance and accountability to make sure you achieve the goals you would like to achieve, in the time scale you would like to reach them. That’s why we have so many success stories at Premier Property, we know what you need to do in order to get results.

We actually care
This may sound odd, but we care about everyone who join us at Premier Property. Whether you’ve joined us online or in person, you will feel that connection with us. We are a family business. We treat every member of our team like family, and we treat every member of the Premier Property community like family too. So should you need us for anything, whether it’s property or not, let us know, we’ll do our best for you to make it work

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