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Kam Dovedi

CEO & Founder of premier property

Ivana havlikova

premier property serviced accommodation mentor

herschel santineer


jack ayres

premier property project mentor

Kingsley hughes

premier property project manager

Premier Property Guest Expert

Specialities: Property Investment Strategies | Starting & Scaling Property Businesses | Overcoming Challenges

Kam has over 30 years of property experience. He is regarded as one of the UK's most influential and most respected property investors and developers

Kam has implemented and still does implement a variety of property investing strategies successfully, such as: Buy to lets, HMOs, Permitted Developments, New Builds and Commercial Conversions, which means he has built up a significant multi-million-pound property portfolio.

He now uses his knowledge, experience and contacts to help other investors and developers (both new and experienced) to take their property investing to the next level.

Specialities: Serviced Accommodation | Rent-To-Rent

Ivana has 5 years of experience and she is an entrepreneur who has created a successful serviced accommodation business from scratch with a growing number of investor partners interested in working with her.

Her serviced accommodation business typically takes on 3-5 new serviced accommodation units each month, and her predicted turnover in the next three years is in excess of £3 million.

Ivana knows how to start, systemise and scale the serviced accommodation strategy and she shares her knowledge and experience exclusively within the Premier Property Inner Circle.

Specialities: Tax planning Expert | Business Strategist | Speaker | Tax Lecturer

Herschel spent 15 years working in the tax division of various accounting firms including PricewaterhouseCoopers and KPMG, and then started his own business, Glenstone Tax Consultancy. Herschel works with Sole Traders, Business Owners, High Net Worth Individuals, Directors & Partners providing a number of services including:
Company tax planning and Individual tax planning.

He has a passion for taxation, property and business and has helped numerous clients to save substantial amounts of Income Tax, Corporation Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax, minimising the tax and maximising the outcomes.

Specialities: Floorplans | Dealing With Builders | Build & Refurbishment Costs | Property Project Appraisal

Jack has 28 years of hands-on experience as a project manager, general builder, and consultant within the building and construction sector.

Jack is an expert in appraising building, analysing the costings of a project, and deciphering and maximising opportunities from floor plans.

Jack's experience in the property industry means that your projects are kept to time and budget. 


Specialities: Architect | Development Schemes | Planning Appeals Specialist

Kingsley has over 28 years of experience working on development schemes in the UK, Australia and Hong Kong.

Kingsley has worked in planning and development from every angle. The vast majority of the time he works for property developers in the private sector. For 11 years he was the design adviser to Greenwich Council Planning department. 

He undertakes a wide range of work, with projects ranging from one-off houses, to apartment blocks of 6 to 30 units, and housing estate of 6 to 85 units. Kingsley also specialises in appeals. Kingsley and Kam are Co Founders of Innovation Associates, an architectural company set up only for the Premier Property Community.

We select Premier Property Mentors incredibly carefully.

We Vet, interview and evaluate them to make sure they share our values. We make sure that each mentor has an outstanding level of experience in their field, and is equipped with the skills needed to guide members of the Premier Property Inner Circle to achieve results.

Our resident Premier property Inner Circle mentors are listed above, and these are experts within the property community community. On occasion, we recruit a guest expert mentor, one who has extensive information about topics that are relevant to the property market at a particular time in the year, or after a particular piece of news or legislation is released.

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