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4-part ONLINE Workshop

How to survive & thrive in the UK Property Market in 2024

The Opportunity You Have Right Now To Profit From Property, Will Not Come Around For At Least Another 20 Years

4 PART  ONLINE TRAINING Monday 25th - Thursday 28th March 2024 | ONLINE

"THE PROPERTY MARKET IS ABOUT TO CHANGE DRASTICALLY IN 2024"  (making money has never been easier, let me explain...)

From: Kam Dovedi

The property market is about to change in 2024. People know that The Tax changes, The Political Changes, The Legislation Changes, The Ongoing BREXIT saga have left people confused and unsure of what’s about to happen… until now. 

Uncertainty creates opportunity. 

And there is a HUGE opportunity for you right now to make money from the property market (fact).

And here’s how I know…

My property investing journey started way back in 1989, I was just 18. Having seen, survived and thrived through some of the largest (and the worst) recessions in the UK, I believe that now is the best time to start investing in property for you… 

Whether you are new to property and looking to get on the ladder, or you are experienced in property and now want to refine,  scale and adapt

Right now, there are people selling off their property portfolios, worried about rentals, worried about mortgages, there are people who are worried about getting started in property... they are waiting... and waiting... and...

Waiting... Because they just don't know what they don't know.

As one of the wealthiest people in the world Warren Buffet says: 'Observe the Masses and do the opposite'. 

So while the masses are worried, waiting and losing precious time, informed property investors (new and experienced) are securing their financial freedom through property and taking the opportunities from right under the noses of those who are waiting.

Whatever your life looks like now, if you would like to make a change,

YOU can right now… 

Let's make 2024 YOUR year. 
Warren Buffet (Right) and Bill Gates (Left) Nati Harnik/AP Images
That’s why I would like to invite you to my BRAND NEW ‘Making Money From Property Online Workshop’. 

I believe this Online Workshop will give you the tools, knowledge and confidence to start your property investing and so you can start making money from property. 

In a nutshell, if you would like to make money from property or need to know how to adapt right now, you need to join us.

 The agenda, details and times are all below for you.
Look, here’s the thing. 

There’s plenty of ‘free’ training out there. 

This isn't that.

It seems like a new one pops up every other day. 

They're ‘free’ for a reason. 

The Amazing Mix of People at Premier Property HQ - Property Investors both new and experienced in property.

Can I say this… ‘hypey’ material, which people who are actually investing in property do question (and get frustrated listening too), but that’s those events. 

OR it was an hour webinar with 60 minutes of selling rather than practical content. 

I can’t change those events...

But I can damn well make sure our events are the ones for you to attend, both online and offline


We own this building (it’s around £2.6million), and bought it so you have a dedicated hub that you can come to, to learn how to invest in property successfully. 

It’s also a great deal (because at the end of the day, I am a property investor and developer first, it’s what I do and that’s why I can share) which I will explain over Making Money From Property Online Workshop.

Premier Property HQ - The Hub for UK Property Investors

For The Making Money From Property Online Workshop We only allow a maximum of 500 people in the Online room. (and trust me our events Sell Out Fast). 

We keep it to this number for 2 reasons. 

One, it allows you to ask questions, AND get your questions answered. Can you imagine being on a webinar with 1,000+ people? or the 'new thing' is a Facebook supporter programme where you are promised mentorship, but if you are one of 1,000s of people, how can you possibly expect your questions to be answered?

Second, it creates an interactive environment, and I have the opportunity to get to know you. 

The information you get from us over the 4 parts over the 4 days works. 

It’s real. It’s tangible. You can put it in to practice. No Fluff. No Hype. I’ll be sharing what we do at Premier Property on a day to day basis, with real life case studies, facts and figures (I even include statements), so you have the peace of mind and confidence that you can do this too. Even during the time of this Pandemic.

I make my money from property. If you know me, you know that. If you are getting to know me, you’ll know that pretty soon. Property is a lonely journey, so I wanted to create a community of likeminded and supportive people to help each other in property. 

There's another reason too, if you've read my book, you'll know what it is, but I'll share that on the Making Money From Property Online Workshop.


Property has been good to me and my family. It's been good to the people I have been able to help along the way too. 

So I would like to share with you the simple steps that you can take right now that will make your 2024 your best year yet in property. 

With the right system, support, information, and choices, it’s possible to flip EVERYTHING on its head and make the changes and get the results that you truly want in life!

Have you ever wondered; “There’s more to life than this?”. Well you’re right – there IS more...

The 4 parts are split in to 10 sessions, packed full of great content, actionable information, golden nuggets, expertise, the winning property strategies for 2024 and a proven step-by-step system you can follow during the next 12 months.

And it gets better,

Because of how the 4 parts are structured, we have packed in as much as we possibly can for you, meaning you’re going to get loads of information and it will be easy for you to digest.

The entire point of this Making Money From Property Online Workshop is to give you the peace of mind and confidence to move forward with your property journey (OR build a better portfolio if you’ve already got started!).

I don’t know what success you want to create in 2024.
    • ​Maybe you want to build up a passive income so you have more control in your life 
    • ​Maybe you want to sack your boss and finally get your property investing off the ground
    • ​​Maybe you’ve already got a property business and you would like to grow
    Whatever you want to achieve in 2024 - we want to help.

    So - this year we’re doing something we’ve never done before…

    Networking in The Premier Property HQ Training Suite


    I expect this to be a SOLD OUT training because A LOT of people want to join us.  We’re hosting The 'Making Money From Property Online Workshop over 4 Parts, Part 1 Starting on Monday 25 - Thursday 28th March 2024

    And best of all, because we want to make this experience accessible to as many people as possible...


    How good is that??? :-) 

    All you need to do if you want to attend, is:

    1) Give us a “Yes - I’m in”

    In order to register your place, just click the button below and complete our simple registration form. 

    IMPORTANT: Please only do this if you’re 100% certain you can make the 4 parts.

    2) Tell all your friends and family about 'Making Money from Property’

    Remember - property has been good to us. 

    We know that doing it with the people you care about most makes the journey even more meaningful.

    Your Making Money From Property Speaker

    Kam Dovedi

    CEO/Founder of Premier Property 
    UK Leading Property Expert

    Sessions At Making Money From Property
    The 10 Proven Property Strategies for 2024 & Beyond Post Lockdown
    There's dozens of property strategies out there. But the market is changing. In 2024, there are 10 Proven Property Strategies that will make you money from Property right now, while the other will lose you money.

    In fact, we will reveal The 5 Asset & income Building Strategies and The 5 Strategies for Low Funds & Scaling your property business in 2024
    'BIG' Money Strategies & Building Your Cash Pot
    Have you ever thought about doing a BIG deal? You know, the kind of deal that could replace your Salary for the year? 

    Or maybe the next 10 years? (trust me, people in the Premier Property Community do this)

    Or maybe you need a stepping stone in order to get there by building up enough cash, confidence or credibility. You'll find out how during this session.
    serviced accommodation (Air BnB) intensive
    In this session you will learn How You Can Achieve £500-£1,000 Profit Per Property Per Month By Setting Up & Running A Profitable Serviced Accommodation Business. 

    We are going to cover the 7 Key Essentials of Serviced Accommodation, including: 

    1) Why you need to get in to Serviced Accommodation now and NOT miss this opportunity 

    2) How you Keep Serviced Accommodation legally compliant

    3) Different Ways to Find Serviced Accommodation Deals

    4) How much money you can realistically make from serviced accommodation

    5) The most common and costly challenges, obstacles and mistakes landlords face.

    6) How you can successfully manage your serviced accommodation units.

    7) How to create a REAL BUSINESS rather than just another JOB
    How to Fund Your Property Deals - The Route To Unlimited Funding 
    At Premier Property, we have 21 ways to fund property deals (Yes 21!). 

    The reason we have so many different routes is because depending on your personal circumstances one of these routes will apply to you. 

    We promised you a workshop that's no nonsense and that's what we deliver. You'll find out a way in which you can fund your property deals that's best suited to how much time, money and experience your have right now.
    10X Your Property Cashflow - How To Accelerate
    You pick how much money you make in property. You choose how quickly you would like to achieve your financial freedom property, and the best part is, it's personal to you. 

    After you join us for this weekend, what takes someone outside of the Premier Property Community 10 deals in property to achieve financial freedom, could take you just 1 deal to achieve the same result. 
    The D.A.L.A.S Formula to Professionalise Your Property Investing
    Making money from property means that you should be able to enjoy the money that you make... it gives you choices. 

    Whether you choose to go on holidays, spend time with your family, or give back to charity, it's up to you.

    But it depends on you knowing how to systemise your property investing, rather than creating another job. That's why we are going share share with you the exact steps, forms, contracts and agreements you need.

    The 5 Step D.A.L.A.S formula was created so you can professionalise your property investing, avoid overwhelm, and build a property business that doesn't depend upon you.  
    5 Key Exercises Only The Wealthiest 1% Know About To Grow Your Wealth 
    Let's face it. 

    There's a reason why the wealthy are wealthy, and there is a reason they STAY wealthy. 

    There's plenty of people who are working hard, extremely hard, but for some reason don't reap the rewards of their labour. 

    There's plenty of people who inherit/come in to/win a lot of money... But they end up losing it. 

    These 5 Key exercises are what you need to become wealthy in property. 
    The Premier Property B.A.R Blueprint
    The Premier Property B.A.R Blueprint is what allows you to build your wealth through property. You will find out how not only to get double/triple digit returns from property, but how you can make your property investing evergreen.

    Joint Ventures - In the Real World
    In this session, Kam Dovedi will share the process he has used to successfully carry out joint ventures which stand in the 7 figures. 

    You'll learn where to find joint venture partners and how to build rapport with them so they know, like and trust you. 
    Making 2024 Your Best Year Yet!
    In this powerful session you'll walk through the exact step-by-step process we've used every year at Premier Property to set intentions, goals, and outcomes for the new year... and (most importantly - achieve them!)

    You'll leave with an exciting plan for 2024, and have clear instructions to ensure you take the actions necessary to smash through your goals!
    *Sessions will not necessarily appear in the order laid out above

    Register Below: Event Info & Timings

    Part 1 of 4: Monday 25th March  @ 7.30pm-9pm 

    Part 2 of 4: Tuesday 26th March @ 7.30pm-9pm 

    Part 3 of 4: Wednesday 27th March @ 7.30pm-9pm 

    Part 4 of 4: Thursday 28th March @ 7.30pm-9pm

    Event Times: 7.30pm - 9pm each evening

    Location: Online 

    Joining Instructions: These will be emailed to you as soon as you have registered.

    More about your speaker


    Kam has over 30 years of property experience. He is regarded as one of the UK’s most influential and most respected property investors and developers because of how active he is in the UK Property market. 

    But it wasn't always like that. He grew up in one of the poorest areas in East London, and his circumstances motivated him to escape from life that many people were stuck in.

    Fast forward to today and Kam has implemented and still does implement a variety of property investing strategies successfully, such as: buy to lets, HMOs, Serviced Accommodation, Permitted Developments, New Builds, and Commercial Conversions, which means he has built up a significant multimillion-pound property portfolio.

    He now uses his knowledge, experience and contacts to help other investors and developers (both new and experienced) to take their property investing to the next level.